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Satellite Uplink with NEWSSPOTTER KA-SAT

Wir laden Sie zum exklusiven Produkt-Workshop von miniCASTER ein!

The NewsSpotter service is based on Eutelsats Ka-band satellite. This satellite differs profoundly from other satellite systems. It provides Internet connectivity. With a guaranteed speed. You make a reservation for the bandwidth you need and you get it.

Now you can do every job for a fraction of the money you had to spend before. and you know that you get the speed instead of hoping you will reach it – like 3G/4G bonding systems promise.

LIVE BROADCASTING Getting your signal out with low latency

SAVE UP TO 80% of costs

Traditional satellite solutions, like Ku-band need much more ressources and generate not even much better results. With ka-band you do HD. But with 15% of the cost. So for the the price of one Ku-band solution you get six miniCASTER® NewsSpotter systems. Changing from DVB-S modulation to Internet technology the ka-band satellites are much more versatile. Operation is less costly. This is your benefit. Pay from 0,50€ per minute instead of 3-5 Euro/minute. Get a complete live broadcasting solution from miniCASTER® with low latency for under € 20.000.-.

Bei unserem Workshop wird der ganze Ablauf der Satelliten-Verbindung gezeigt. Vom Suchen des Satelliten bis zum Dateitransfer mit bis zu 10 Mbit/s.

Dabei können Sie selber einen Satelliten pointen und sehen gleich selber wie einfach es ist einen Satelliten-Uplink herzustellen.


WANN: Dienstag, 01. April, 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr


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