Avid DS V 10.2

neue Funktionen

Workstation Suppurt für:

• HP Z800/Dual-link/XP64
• HP xw8600/Dual-link/XP64
• HP xw8400/Nitris/Dual-link/XP64
• HP xw9300/Nitris/Dual-link/XP64
• HP xw8200/Nitris/XP64 (Dual-link is not supported on the xw8200)

Hi-Res Playback on an External Monitor
With the latest Avid DS enhancements and the appropriate graphics card, you can now play
back high-res sequences (HD or higher) on an external monitor. Using the GPU processor
and the second output of the graphics card, Avid DS is capable of 10-bit 4:4:4 RGB
color-managed display on either a computer monitor, or an external monitor such as
DreamColor, Cine-tal or Barco—see Viewing High-Resolution Sequences in the Help.

AVX2 Plug-in Support
Support for the AVX2 architecture will make newer 64-bit AVX2-based plug-ins available
for Avid DS. AVX2 will be supported by a wide variety of effects plug-in vendors including
Boris, GenArts, and Ultimatte. Please check with the 3rd-party vendor for availability of the
With AVX2 support, Avid DS will have an increased level of conform from Media
Composer and Symphony.

Deck Support
Avid DS supports double-speed capture from the Sony SRW-5800 or SRW-1 deck. Deck
presets for this are available in Avid DS.

RED File Support
• Audio contained in .r3d clips can be imported.
• You can save your RED file settings to an RLX file (in the RED Import dialog box).
• Avid DS supports the RED SDK v1.6.

QuickTime Support
Avid DS supports v7.6 or higher of QuickTime.

The Capture List dialog box has been redesigned to include the following:
• The full path of the source clips that you want to recapture.
• Color coding to indicate whether the original path where the source media is located has
been modified.
• Ability to filter the capture list to display the type of source media. For example, you
can choose to only display media from tape.
• An indication of the number and type of active clips that will be recaptured.
While capturing, the analog outputs are now active so that the incoming image can be
displayed on a component monitor (SD or HD).

New Sequence Formats
New film sequence formats for ARRI D21 and 1920 x 816 are now available.

New HD Conversion Mode
On dual-link systems, there is a new HD conversion mode - 1080p @24Hz (true progressive)
for 1080psf @24Hz sequences.
Linking to Media
You can now copy your media and link to it in one step. For example: You have a series of
DPX files on a non-real time remote storage that you want to link and use in Avid DS. Using
the copy-link function on the capture menu, you can link to those DPX and Avid DS will
copy them to your local storage in a single operation to make them real-time playable.
Linking to copied media files is also useful when more than one person needs access to the
same file and you do not want your copy to be modified by others—see Copying and
Linking Media in the Help.

Removal of Extra Layouts

The extra layouts are no longer available from the layout menu:
• If you were using them, you will automatically be switched back to the Classic layouts.
• You will no longer be able to have two sets of layouts. You can customize the Classic
layouts but cannot create a second set of layouts.

Performance Enhancements
• Full perspective DVE: The DVE now has realtime rotation in Y and Z.
• General performance enhancements and tuning to get the best performance possible for
playback and processing on dual quad core platforms.
• The blending modes, in the Layers view and in the composite node of the Effects tree,
have been GPU-accelerated to give you better performance.
• Optimization of all the Keyers.

Miscellaneous Workflow Enhancements
• Timeline to MC: Permits source name and timecode to be entered and exported through
• Scrolling Timeline: Available via the Scrolling timeline command, which can be added
to a user toolbar or mapped to a shortcut key.
• Timeline enhancements: The timeline interface now indicates the section between the in
and out-points.
• Importing Quicktime movies: When you capture Quicktime files, the timecode of the
movie is preserved in Avid DS (if available).
• HSL Keyer enhancements: The HSL Keyer effect now has improved clipping and
softness adjustments to Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. If you load a sequence created
in a pervious version of Avid DS 10.2, the old HSL Keyer effect will be renamed
HSL Keyer v1.
Qualified Products
• Conform QuickTime files: Forces all QuickTime files found in an AAF or AFE conform
to be created as Logs instead of Linked files even when the Create Linked file option is
• Alternate Source Conform: When the folders are scanned, you will be prompted if both
R3D and DPX files are found in the folders. This will allow you to choose which file
type you want to import for the conform.
There is also better source name matching for RED media in the alternate source
- Tape ID as created by RED tools and camera at the OS level, for example:
- Filename without extension, for example: A003_C001_022509
- Final Cut Tape source naming, for example: A003C001
- RED reel ID, for example: A003
• Mocha workflow enhancement: When tracking, you can now multi-select up to eight
.fraw files and import them in a single move—see Importing Tracking Points in the
• Avid DS Services: The project indexer is now more robust and has a new persistence
system to ensure less chance of corruption.


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