Avid DS v 10.1.2

Avid DS v 10.1.2 ist nur ein Patch und erfordert die Version 10.1.
Bei Dual Boot Nitris Systemen ist es erforderlich das Symphony auf V 3.5+ upzugraden
Für das DS-upgrade ist keine neue DS-Lizenz erforderlich

Software Fixes in v10.1.2

A new document, Avid DS Hi-Res Workflows and Color Guide, is now available with this
release. It provides detailed procedures for high-resolution and film workflows as well as the
color management process in Avid DS.

The following issues have been fixed in this version:

  • Avid DS v10.1.2 and Avid MetaFuze v1.3 can now be installed on the same machine.
  • Support same level of conform with Color Correction from Avid Media Composer 3.5
  • Fix in the dual-link (AJA LHe) card for scrubbing of uncompressed media.
  • Video HAL error generated when playing linked DPX files.
  • Improved AJA accuracy on both capture and output and eliminated retries on output
    (our tests are now showing 100% accuracy on all supported platforms).
  • Codec fix: Intermittent DEADLOCK or CRASH when digging into a cached section of
    a composite container.
  • Avid DS on Interplay can now play back clips using the Dynamic Relinking in an Avid
  • The correct LUT is now being applied when recapturing 4:4:4 media from the timeline.
  • Fix of corruption/crash/deadlock when using containers.
  • The correct XLR timecode values are now being transferred from an Avid DS Nitris
  • Fix for performance/corruption issues due too many iterations in the Avid Explorer.
  • Fix of crash when working with R3D files on 32-bit systems.
    RED Workflow Fixes
  • EDL conform is now operating correctly.
  • Enhanced source name matching to better conform RED media.
  • You can save your RED file settings as an RLX (in the RED Import dialog box).
  • The RED format is now available in the Avid DS Training Edition, however, when
    working with RED media, you must use the 64-bit version of the Avid DS Training


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