Avid Unity® MediaNetwork™ v5.1.3


  • Previously, the Virtual File Manager renamed the Computer Name by appending an “FC” to the end of the Computer Name.
  • While running an Avid Unity MediaNetwork v4.x environment under File Manager failover condition, some operations performed with v5.1.2 of the Macintosh client software would take much longer than with previous versions of the client software.
  • The client installer for clients running the Windows 64-bit Storage Server 2003 operating system was missing some files.
  • Clients running the Final Cut Pro application had been slow when switching between the Finder and the Final Cut Pro application. The length of delay corresponded to the size of project -- the larger the project, the longer the delay.

This release is highly recommended for storage system software installations (Windows fix) and is considered a mandatory upgrade for all Mac users/clients running Final Cut Pro.


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