KineMAX 6K: Testshot ZEN

Zen from OchoReSotto

Cameraman: OchoReSotto; Location: Germany

Lighting: Martin Faltermeier

Additional Cameras: Lukas Gellert, Markus Bauer

Camera: KineMAX 6K, KineMOUNT; Lens: Zeiss Compact Prime 18mm;

In-camera Codec: 6K KRW 5760×2400@25fps; Parameters:ISO 800;

6K CinemaDNG by KineStation.

Edited and Graded by: OchoReSotto,


Zen is to transcendent life and death, all dualism, to truly realize that the entire universe is the “True Human Body” through the discipline of “mind and body in oneness. Besides this actual realization there is nothing else.

However without the accompanying physical experience Zen becomes nothing but an empty discussion. In this spirit countless ways seek to reach the high moon but practice by Sword is the shortest way to reach, because practice by Sword is serious, we meet life or death directly in a moment. Having made this experience we manifest this vital energy and immovable mind of the Buddha Nature in our daily lives.

During the Zen and Kendo Sesshin in Munich (Tannenhof), the last, Sasaki Genso Roshi Master of the very rare and old Jikishinkage-Ryu Sword School will allow for the very first time to film the practice. Sasaki Genso Roshi will together with his foremost pupil Harry Guhl, show one of the most ancient Sword techniques which has been transmitted from Master to Master, since over 500 years.

Rinzai Roshi Sasaki Genso (born 1947) is the dharma successor of Omori Sogen Roshi (1904-1994), a successor in the Tenryū-ji line of Rinzai Zen and former scholar of last Jikishinkage-Ryū Kendo headmaster Yamada Jirokichi (1863-1930).

The Jikishinkage-Ryū lineage can be traced back to its founder Matsumoto Bizen-no-Kami (1467–1524) and the Rinzai Zen lineage to Shakyamuni Buddha and beyond. Since then the essence of practice never changed and has been transmitted from master to master.

The Zen Master will consider in addition to complement the martial exercise with a Tessho (Buddhist speech) to give a deeply insight view of the truth of live and death.

Jikishinkage-Ryu Kendo

The fundamental of the Jikishinkage-Ryū Kendo is the “Hojo no Kata” which was once created as an entity, reflecting the truths of creation and destruction in relation to man and nature. Divided into 4 principle parts which are related to the 4 seasons we practice like sun and shadow with the characteristic of the Nio deities, the protectors of the Dharma. Putting the whole being into the practice we eventually unfold great vigour and generosity, ultimately without the sword.



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