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15mm Studio Bracket

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SKU: BRI-B1200.1018
Adapt your matte box to 15mm Studio rods. This bracket can be attached to any of our 15mm LWS brackets & swing arms.
Bright Tangerine

The Bright Tangerine 15mm Studio Bracket is an optional accessory.

The unique, innovative and interchangeable arm system lets you switch set ups effortlessly in a few minutes.

The 15mm Studio Bracket connects to any of Bright Tabgerines lightweight arms with a custom made stainless steel 3/8' threaded screw and in true Bright Tangerine style this one product fits all of our swing away matte boxes.

Two fully clamping individual locks securely holds your matte box firmly on your rods.

In case you've never used a 6" filter this 15mm Studio Bracket is ideal for you. You can jump between 15mm LWS and 15mm Studio in seconds and it is compatible with lenses as big as 162mm.

It is precision cut from solid blocks of hard anodized billet aluminium for maximum durability and the 15mm bores are reamed with extreme precision to ensure no movement, while sliding easily for a lens change.

- Interchangeable Arm System
- Compatible With Any Lightweight Arm Using A Stainless Steel 3/8' Threaded Screw And All Bright Tangerine Swing Away Matte Boxes
- Securely Held On Rods With Two Fully Clamping Individual Locks
- Usable On Lenses Up To 162mm
- Built From Precision Cut Solid Blocks Of Hard Anodized Billet Aluminium
- 15mm Bores Reamed With Extreme Precision For Easy Sliding Movement
- Compatible With Products B1200.1032, B1210.0006, B1210.1020, B1230.0006 And B1240.0003
- Dimensions (Mm) 150 X 41 X 36
- Weight 106 Grams

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PriceEUR 199,00
HerstellerBright Tangerine