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4D Speed Crank

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Achieve fast focus pulls with the 4D Speed Crank for our follow focus units. The handle lever is extendable and can pivot for the most comfortable position.
Bright Tangerine
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The 4D Speed Crank with Zero Backlash Coupling is an optional accessory which allows you to pull focus precisely when fast movements are required.

The expansion coupling is compatible with both the Revolvr handwheels and other handwheels using the industry standard square port, and is the only coupling in the market allowing for perfect attachment with zero backlash.

It is also ideal to operate while pulling focus in tight spaces as the speed crank can be connected directly to the core bridge, without use of the handwheel.

The handle lever can be pivoted from the standard 90° up to 130° for comfortable positioning and is extendable by over 2 inches in length for extra flexibility.

It has been carefully crafted and assembled in Germany and built from anodized aluminium and stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and resistance from wear and tear.

- Enables You To Pull Focus Precisely When Fast Movements Are Required
- Only Expansion Coupling In The Market That Allows For Perfect Attachment To Industry Standard Handwheel With Zero Backlash
- Can Be Connected Directly To The Core Bridge Without The Use Of The Handwheel, While Operating In Tight Spaces
- Pivots From The Standard 90ݨ Up To 130ݨ For Comfortable Positioning
- Extendable By Over 2 Inches In Length For Extra Flexibility
- Built From Anodized Aluminium And Stainless Steel

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Preis EUR 167,00
Hersteller Bright Tangerine
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