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4x5.65 Filter Tray (Strummer DNA)

EUR 117,00
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This filter tray is made for the Strummer DNA using 5.65" cassettes and supports 4x5.65" sized filters. It can be converted to a gripper tray with the large 4" gripper module.
Bright Tangerine
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The Strummer DNA Filter Tray 4x5.65 is an optional accessory that allows you to add industry standard PV filters into your 5.65 Cassette to allow you more flexibility on set.

The filter tray is ultra -lightweight and built from hard anodised aluminium for extra durability and uses a Delrin wedge to reduce impact on your glass and keeps it secured.

It also features notches on the side to give you mechanical feedback once it snaps in to place in the cassette.

The filter tray is compatible with Bright Tangerines patent pending Gripper Module which allows for easy operation with gloves.

- Compatible With Industry Standard PV Filters
- Ultra- Lightweight And Built From Hard Anodized Aluminium And Delrin
- Compatible With Bright Tangerines Patent Pending Gripper Module
- Provides Mechanical Feedback When Filter Tray Snaps In To Place Inside The Cassette
- Dimensions (Mm) 207 X 152 X 6
- Weight 71 Grams

Weitere Informationen
Preis EUR 117,00
Hersteller Bright Tangerine
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