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Digial Battery Charger DC Power Supply

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inzigartiges Multifunktions Ladegerät und Netzteil
zum Laden von Akkus via D-Tap Anschluss oder schlankes Kamera Netzteil
inkl. LCD Display zu Informations- & Ladestandsanzeige

spezifische Strom Adapterkabel sind separat erhältlich

The Hedbox RP-DC80 professional intelligent battery charger and constant power supply unit is the right choice for professional videographers. With dual operation mode, the RP-DC80 can be used as a professional charger for 14.8V professional battery packs as well as a constant power supply for electronic who need a constant and reliable power supply between 9.5V to 17V/5A.

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Package includes

Under transport regulation, the RP-DC80 is factory packed in a cardboard box with internal shock resistance protection. This kind of packaging makes it travel and transportation safe for the Sea, Air and Road.

1 x RP-DC80 Intelligent Multi Purpose Digital Battery Charger/Power Supply
1 x RPC-DT Battery Charge (D-tap) Adaptor Power Cable
1 x 110V – 220V AC Power Cord ( Depends on the market the box consist AC Cord with AU-Plug, EUR-Plug, US-Plug or UK-Plug)
1 x User Manual - (English)
1 x 2 Year Limited Warranty

According to the field experience of the Professional Video Users, we had the idea to create the multi-functional advanced power unit that would serve broadcast and production users in every way. With RP-DC80, we are trying to bring to the users
The RP-DC80 is totally advanced (easy to use) and self adapting power unit, that can be used in studios and on the field in many powering ways:
To give constant currency power supply to the next Broadcast products:

–  All world known brand professional video cameras & camcorders
–  Professional video LCD monitors & recorders
–  LED light panels
–  Audio products from SOUND DEVICES and video products from
And all other units that need power supply from 12.5V to 24V / 90W ( max)
To charge Professional batteries that run on 14.8V:

–  All world known brand V-Lock and Gold Mount professional batteries

Multiverse Unit

Depending on the different models of Extended Power Cables, you can use the RP-DC80 as dual operational unit, on all mentioned products.
To provide this idea, we use Extended Power Cables. In this case, the RP-DC80 is also the CONSTANT POWER SUPPLY UNIT and BATTERY CHARGER.

There is a big difference in constant power and battery charging mode. In constant power mode, RP-DC80 gives full power on the output with constant currency (Max 90W) all the time, and controls the overpowering and currency overload.

In battery charging mode, the RP-DC80 becomes fully professional battery charger that first measures the capacity of the battery and then starts with charging mode, where in the beginning the currency power is max 2.3A and, as the charging goes on,  the currency power drops to 0.5A. At all times, RP-DC80 controls and monitors the charging process, the state of the battery cells, and protects from overcharging, overheating and overloading of the battery that it is charging with RP-DC80.

To minimize the human error in this whole process, we made the RP-DC80 totally advanced so that there is no way of controlling the charging or the powering mode of the unit. The only way is to use appropriate extended power cable, and according to it, the RP-DC80 will make it’s function.

Large 1.6-inch LCD Display

A large 1.6-inch LCD backlight display screen provides clear, accurate, and precise display of charging status, charging voltage, USB output, and DC voltage output. With implemented dual color back-light, the readout function is enabled in the dark.

In POWER MODE, the LCD screen will displaying the output Voltage on the LCD screen. The RP-DC80 automatically recognizes the power, voltage and the currency on output, depending on what extension power cable you use ( depending on the purpose that customer needs – charging/powering).

Back-light Dual Color

The implemented dual color (red and blue) back-light gives you instant feedback of the charging status on a large LCD screen. The readout function is enabled in the dark, giving you the possibility to use this charger any place and any time.

During the charging process LCD screen will turn BLUE ( indicates that the charging process is on), displaying the charging process and charging voltage.

When the battery is fully charged, it becomes RED ( indicates that the charging process is finished and battery is ready to use).

Battery Charging Mode

The RP-DC80 can be uses as a battery charger. To enable the battery charging mode (18.8V, 2.3A), the appropriate extension cable must be used.

For this application use the cable: RPC-DT / D-Tap Plug

Sound Device Powering

The RP-DC80 can be used as a constant power supply unit for all sound device products. To enable the constant power supply mode (90W Max), the appropriate extension cable must be used

For this application use the cable: RPC-XY / HR10A-7P-4P 4-pin Plug.

Studio Camcorders Power Supply

The RP-DC80 can be used as a constant power supply unit for all ENG camcorders. To enable the constant power supply mode (90W Max), the appropriate extension cable must be used.

For this application use the cable: RPC-4X / 4-pin XLR Plug.

Powering ENG Camcorders

The RP-DC80 can be used as a constant power supply unit for all ENG camcorders. To enable the constant power supply mode (90W Max), the appropriate extension cable must be used.

To Power Sony ENG Camcorder use the cable: RPC-SO / Sony C-Pin Plug

HEDBOX RPC-SO Adaptive Power Cable for use on RP-DC80 Charger Sony C-Pin Out

Powering LED Lights

With the RP-DC80, you can provide a constant power supply to any LED light unit for either studio or outdoor application. Depending on the LED light model, the appropriate extension cable must be used. The max constant power supply is 90W.

USB Power Output

Charge or supply 1000mA of power to MP3 devices, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other related devices with a USB power input, even while you’re powering your digital camera or charging pro batteries. The USB output can be used any time. It is independent 5V / 1 A output. The USB output is also displayed on the LCD.

Tech specifications

Model :    RP-DC80 Intelligent Professional Multi Purpose Digital Battery Charger/Power Supply
AC Power In :    AC 110-240V , 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption :    Max 100W
Power Output 1 :    DC 12.5V , 5A / 90W ( max )
Power Output 2 :    DC 17V , 5A / 90W (Max)
Charger Output :    DC 16.8V / 2,3A
USB Output :    5V, 5W / 1A (Max)
Operation Control :    1.6-inch LCD Back lite Display Dual Color – Shows Charging Status / Voltage of DC and USB out
Operating Temperature :    –20°C to +45°C (–4°F to +113°F)
Dimensions (WxDxH) :    132 x 58 x 30 mm
Weight :    365 g
Operational Method :    RP-DC80 use optional Extension Power/Charger Cables according to the wished mode

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