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The new Dedolight backpacks (codes: DBP, DBPS) are very practical additions to the already existing portable studio product line (soft case lighting kits). The Classic Dedolights as well as the Series 200 / SUNDANCE fixtures can be easily transported in these new and comfortable backpacks.

The design of the backpacks is simple, practical and functional. The top and side handles guarantee maximum portability in any situation. An additional pouch on the side allows transporting soft boxes. If not needed during transport, the carrying belts can be stored inside.

The inside construction serves only one important task–balance. The stand compartment is in the middle and the light head compartments are onthe side. This guarantees a perfectly balanced and comfortable case. Two additional horizontal belts contribute to stability and security of the transported equipment and they are also used to secure the soft box.

Like all other Dedolight Portable Studio soft cases, both backpacks are made of almost indestructible materials and stand up to the usual mistreatments which are characteristic of the daily work on film and TV sets.

These Dedolight backpacks provide the major advantage of having both your hands free, while carrying your lighting kit.

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PriceEUR 461,00