Swit PL-E90L

PL-E90L is a 0.5×3 feet size long aspect ratio light for soft vertical lighting of people. The PL-E family slim size is portable for interview kit application.

21mm Slim Size, Side Mounted SMD-LED

PL-E90L has SMD-LEDs side mounted on the inner edge of the frame, and with SWIT innovative laser dots 90° reflection board, the light outputs high efficiant bright, soft and even beam to wrap around objects.
The side mounted LEDs greatly reduce the light thickness. It’ s only 21mm, slim and portable for field application. 

90W, 2000 Lux @ 1 meter, 2700K-6500K Continuously Adjust 

PL-E90L mixed with 90W 2700K LEDs and 90W 6500K LEDs, outputs 90W 2200Lux at 1 meter high intensity and any color temperature between 2700KK to 6500K, supports 0 to 100% PWM digital dimming, smoothly and non-flickering.

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