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100FT / 30M 75 OHM SDI CABLE

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SDI cable, 100ft / 30m length.

Available in 6.5 ft./2 m (RCC-6-SDI), 10 ft./3 m (RCC-10-SDI), 16 ft./5 m (RCC-16-SDI), 25 ft./7.5 m (RCC-25-SDI), 50 ft./15 m (RCC-50-SDI), 100 ft./30 m (RCC-100-SDI), and 200 ft./60 m (RCC-200-SDI) lengths.

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Roland Black Series SDI cables are designed to transmit HD video and RF signals precisely and accurately. Our 20 AWG core carries your signal with precision, while the high-density braided shielding eliminates any interference and contamination. Incorporating high-quality BNC connectors and heavy-duty polyethylene insulation, Black Series SDI cables deliver performance you can trust.

- 75 ohm cable impedance
- High-quality BNC connectors for full dynamic reproduction
- Supports Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
- High-density spiral shielding with heavy-duty polyethylene insulation
- 6 mm OD flexible matte black PVC jacket
- Lifetime guarantee

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Preis EUR 49,00
Hersteller Roland
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