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Follow Focus Handwheel (Small)

EUR 379,00
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Bright Tangerines handwheels for the Revolvr & Revolvr Atom have been ergonomically designed with a contoured handle & a textured surface for smooth operation at all times.
Bright Tangerine
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The Revolvr Handwheel is an essential accessory that allows you to easily control the follow focus system and enable you to pull focus precisely.

- Weighted Perfectly To Provide Precise Feedback
- Physical Protrusion On The Handwheel Serves As A Pointer To Mark Focus
- Compatible With Bright Tangerines 3_ Handwheel Extension, The 4D Speed Crank And The 270mm Flexible Focus Whip
- Contoured Handle With Textured Surface For Excellent Grip
- Compatible With Revolvr Atom & Revolvr Core Bridges
- Compatible With Bright Tangerines Independently Moving Soft Stop / Hard Stop Pack
- Built In Marking Disc To Mark And Erase Focus Points Easily
- Built From Titanium, Anodized Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Rubber And High Grade Delrin For Maximum Durability
- Dimensions (Mm) 88 X 82 X 83
- Weight (Grams) - 287

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Price EUR 379,00
Hersteller Bright Tangerine
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