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Misfit Atom Tilt Kit

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Misfit Atom Clamp Kit comprises of a 4" x 5.65" / 4" x 4" – Matte box, 114mm Clamp, Shade, A.R.F Bracket.
Bright Tangerine
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Kit contains:

- B1230.1007 Misfit Atom
- B1230.1008 Anti Reflective Filter Tilt Bracket (Misfit Atom)

Misfit Atom Clamp Kit comprises of a 4" x 5.65" / 4" x 4" – Matte box, 114mm Clamp, Shade, A.R.F Bracket.

The Misfit Atom core is designed to push the definition of a lightweight matte box and was specifically conceived for Gimbal and Steadicam use and it is incredibly strong and light.

The frame itself weighs in at 98 grams and adding the shade brings it up to about 195 grams. The frame can hold up to 2 PV or 4x4 filters or a combination of both.

It is designed to fit 114mm lenses, and can work with smaller lenses using Bright Tangerines range of Misfit adapters.

The A.R.F bracket allows you to tilt the filters by 6 degrees to get rid of unwanted reflections and give you total flare control.

Despite being super compact, it features incredible field of view covering up to a 14mm Cooke with 3 PV stages and also works with RED Pro Zooms at 5K!

The Misfit Atom Clamp Kit is built from precision cut and hard anodized aluminium, elasto polymer and stainless steel.

- Lightest Fully Functional Matte Box In The Market, Weighing A Mere 98 Grams In Frame And 195 Grams With The Rubber Shade
- Can Hold Up To 2 PV Or 4x4 Filters Or A Combination Of Both
- Designed To Fit 114mm Lenses And Smaller Lenses With Misfit Adapters
- A.R.F Bracket Providing 6-Degree Tilt For Superior Flare Control
- Built From Precision Cut And Hard Anodized Aluminium, Elasto Polymer And Stainless Steel

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Price EUR 447,00
Hersteller Bright Tangerine
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