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DLED9 LED light head, daylight, DT9-BAT power supply, light shield ring, barn door

Set includes:

- DLED9 LED light head, daylight
- DT9-BAT power supply
- light shield ring
- barn door

The exceptional dedolight DLED9 combines the unique dedolight double aspheric optical system with state - of - the - art dedocolor ® LED light sources. This light head is available in daylight, tungsten and a tunable bicolor version. This light accepts all of the accessories and projection attachment/imagers which are identical to the ones in the Series 400 lighting fixtures (DLH400DT, DLH650 and DLH436).

This light is produced also in a version for mobile use, although we expect that most of these lights will find their application in studio work.

This fixture offers an astounding focusing range, excellent light and color distribution, with perfect color rendering qualities. The power supply for this light works with all voltages from 90 - 264 V AC *, and it allows continuous dimming without any color change.
A DMX version of this ballast is also available.

Since all LED light sources are extremely sensitive to heat, this light fixture includes a thermo-sensor with a signal for shutdown of the ballast, should an overheat situation arise under extreme ambient temperature conditions.

Under normal studio conditions, this light fixture is made for continuous use.

*) functional range including tolerances

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PriceEUR 1.308,00