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Nucleus-Nano Wireless Lens Control System

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The Nucleus-Nano is a revolutionary wireless lens control system specifically designed for handheld gimbal systems. It makes it possible for a single operator to control a lens gear while simultaneously operating their gimbal. The Nano system is compatible with all DSLR, mirrorless, and modified “cine-style” vintage photo lenses.
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Package includes:

- (1) Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Controller
- (1) Nucleus-Nano Wireless Follow Focus Motor
- (1) 15mm Single Rod Mounting Baseplate For 95mm Lens
- (2) 1/4″-20 Hex Screws
- (2) Rod Mount Hex Screw
- (1) 15mm x 100mm Black Aluminum Rod
- (1) 31cm 5V Micro USB male to 5V Micro USB male motor power cable
- (1) 12V / 2A Ronin-S to 5V Micro USB male motor power cable
- (2) Photographic lens follow focus gear rings
- (1) Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Attachment Plate for Ronin-S/G2x
- (1) Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel Attachment Adapter for Zhiyun Crane
- (1) 14500 Dual Battery Wall Charger
- (2) 14500 Batteries
- (1) M4 Allen key
- (1) M6 Allen key
- (1) User Guide

Tilta reserves the right to change this packing list at will until actual product release.

The Nano Hand Wheel Controller has a compact knob design similar to professional follow focus hand units (the design is very similar to the Tilta Nucleus-M hand unit’s focus wheel). The Nano Hand Wheel Controller has no delay. It is highly responsive, wireless, and accurate. It is powered via a single 14500 rechargeable battery (which is included in the kit) and yields a 6 hour operating time.

When used in conjunction with the Tiltamax Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal, simple single-handed operation is possible by mounting the controller unit to the gimbal body’s rosette connection. Easily toggle between the G2X’s modes and pull focus at the same time!

The Nucleus-Nano uses a brand new state of the art power-efficient miniature motor. The Nano Motor features low noise and high torque. It can perform super fast focus pulls with silent precision! The built-in 15mm rod adapter allows for flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of camera rigs and professional mounting solutions.

The motor has a 5-18V input tolerance for power via a Micro USB port. This allows the motor’s power to be drawn from the G2X tilt motor’s 5V Micro USB output or via a P-tap to 5V Micro USB cable (sold separately).

The Nano Motor has its own built-in motor drive that communicates directly with the Nano Hand Wheel Controller. This negates the need to mount a separate MDR to your rig, allowing for a more compact camera setup and a quicker setup time. Simply set the Nano Motor and Nano Hand Wheel Controller to the same channel and you will have full control. The wireless range of both the Nano Hand Wheel Controller and Nano Motor is 300 feet!

The Nano Motor allows for automatic calibration of the lens as well as a manual calibration if you are using lenses that don’t have hard end stops at close focus and infinity via the ability to set A-B limits on the Nano Hand Wheel Controller. Every motor has a 0.8 mod, which is the standard gear size for most cinema lenses. The torque of the Nucleus-Nano Motor at 5.5V is 0.65N·m and at 14.8V is 1N·m

The Nano Motor is also able to connect to the Nucleus-M’s FIZ hand unit and hand grips, allowing for a variety of ways to control the motor as you see fit.

The kit also comes with a lightweight mounting frame for 15mm rods. The rod mounting frame is simple, reliable, strong, and streamlined. Simply connect the mounting frame to your camera or together with the G2X Series Manfrotto Style Camera Quick Release Baseplate with Riser to fit your needs.

Lastly, the Nano system can provide record Run/Stop functionality for numerous camera systems.

** PLEASE NOTE: The R/S cables we offer for our wooden handles ARE NOT compatible with the Nucleus-Nano since the engineering and pin configurations are completely different. Using the wooden handle R/S cables are not safe to use with the Nucleus-M or Nucleus-Nano. Only use cables that have been developed by us exclusively for the Nucleus-Nano system.

Technical Details:

- Nano Hand Wheel Controller (no batteries): 0.351 lbs
- Nano Motor: 0.168 lbs
- 15mm Lightweight Rod Mounting Frame Baseplate with 15mm x 100mm Rod: 0.172 lbs
- Hand Wheel Controller Adapter for Tilta Gravity G2X and DJI Ronin-S: 0.046 lbs

Nano Motor Dimensions:
- Length/Height: 8cm
- Width: 2.26cm (end to end furthest points)
- Depth: 2.38cm

Nano Hand Wheel Controller Dimensions:
- Diameter: 7.3cm
- Depth: 4.13cm

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic, rubber, Brazilian rosewood

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Preis EUR 229,00
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