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Same as DP3.1 but w/o lens incl. 24 V DC power supply and set of adapter connectors. ( A / E / G / J / U )

Imager slide and steel gobo projection attachment incl. 24 V DC power supply and set of adapter Plugs. ( A / E / G / J / U )

Slide and gobo projection imager with forced air cooling and adjustable image plane.

All optical qualities and projection characteristics are identical to those of the universal imager (DP1.1), including the use of interchangeable lenses for controlling image size and working at different distances.

The DP3 features a built in multispeed fan with in line power supply and a high efficiency cooled heat reflecting filter.

Allows the use of 35 mm transparencies for prolonged periods even with 150 W Aspherics light heads or the 200D daylight/tungsten focusing light head.

The image plane adjustment allows edge to edge focus even for off axis projections with combined vertical and horizontal correction.

Either 35 mm transparencies or M size gobos can be inserted.

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