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SmallRig Super Clamp 2220

EUR 26,00
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SmallRig Super Clamp 2220 is designed to improve the look and features of the current super clamp so that it suits more shooting scenarios and meets customer requirements. The super clamp has a T-shaped handle which fits fingers nicely. The jaw is fitted with rubber pads on the inside removing the wear and tear of the rod it clamps on. The clamp can open 10 to 55 mm and is able to clamp onto just about anything. It comes with 2 1/4”threaded holes and 1 arri locating hole on the back making possible attaching a mini nato rail and an arri locating magic arm. Besides, it also allows you to attach accessories via another 2 1/4”threaded holes on the side.
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Selling point:
1.Universal and ideal for use in many applications
2.Durable, robust and secure
3.Perfectly suitable for video-shooting via two types of mounting points
4.T-handle fits fingers well enhancing comfort

Load Capacity: ≤2.5kg

Rods with a diameter of 10-55mm

Package includes:
1XSuper clamp

Product specifications:
Product dimensions:78X52X20 mm
Product weight:99 g
Material:Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel

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Preis EUR 26,00
Hersteller SmallRig
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