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Special version, built on order only. Delivery times on request.Focusing LED light head, tungsten incl. 8/16 Bit switchable DMX power supply, studio edition (90 - 264 V AC, European cable)

Separate dimming adjusts the intensity with no color change.

Focuses like a true dedolight from wide 60° to extremely narrow 4° Clean beam – no stray light, lets you put the light exactly where you want it without causing any extra unwanted shadows.

Works with all dedolight light shaping accessories and aspheric wide angle attachments
(85° max. and still controllable focus) including DP1.1, DP2.1 and DP3.1 imagers which are similar to the well known dedolight projection attachments but with new dual condenser optics for higher transmission and perfect light distribution.

The Studio version has a U-shaped yoke and ballast attached to one side of the yoke.

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PriceEUR 923,00
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