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Studio 3G-SD/HDMI to NDI Encoder/Decoder

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Studio NDI is an NDI® Encoder and Decoder. Built around BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip and housed in an aircraft grade aluminium case, Studio NDI has been engineered from the ground up for real-world users. Featuring SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, built-in cross converter, active loop outs, dual NDI® encoding, audio intercom system, return feed, NDI® tally system, PoE, and compatibility with BirdDog’s Comms and Central Apps, Studio NDI is the perfect addition to any live producers toolkit.
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NDI® Encode or Decode. Choose your own adventure.
Built with total flexibility in mind Studio NDI can be configured as an NDI® Encoder or NDI® Decoder with a simple click of a button. Studio NDI is the World’s Only NDI® Hardware capable of Encoding resolutions up to 1080p60 SDI and HDMI to NDI® and Decoding NDI® resolutions up to 1080p60 to SDI or HDMI.

Full NDI®. No compromises.
In the world of NDI® there are two flavours, NDI® and NDI|HX. NDI® is a variable bit rate, I-Frame codec that is reaches around 140Mbits at 1080p60 and is visually lossless. NDI|HX is a compressed, long-GOP, H.264 variant that reaches around 12Mbits at 1080p60. Studio NDI hardware only Encodes and Decodes Full YUV422 NDI®.

Extreme Speed. It’s all about the silicon.
BirdDog’s revolutionary custom silicon chip is what drives the best NDI products on the planet. Only BirdDog’s hardware can do line-based processing to give the fastest possible NDI® Encoding or Decoding technically possible.

Dual Processing. Twice the fun.
Featuring the world’s only dual processing technology Studio NDI is capable of Asynchronous Dual Encoding and Asynchronous Return Feed.
(1x NDI® Encode and 1x NDI® Decode).

SDI, HDMI. Life is all about connections.
Studio NDI is the World’s Only NDI® hardware Encoder/Decoder featuring both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs.

Cross Converter. Send it where you need it.
Studio NDI’s unique video processing engine allows for the ultimate flexibility to fit your needs. Use a standalone cross converter or choose your routing path. In single channel NDI® Encode mode both the SDI and HDMI outputs are live. Dual NDI Encoding allows for simple loop out on both inputs or routing of the SDI input to the HDMI output and vice versa. Return Feed allows the video input to be looped out either the SDI or HDMI outputs or you can chose to have the NDI® input routed to any of the outputs.

Tally. It just works.
The world’s first NDI® Tally system is built right into Studio NDI and it requires zero configuration. Includes a built-in large Tally display for your on-air talent to easily see which camera is live, plus user selectable Tally borders on loop out, and an external Tally output.

PoE, DC, D-Tap. Up to you.
Studio NDI can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) or D-Tap from your camera battery. No need for a power adapter, although there is one in the box if you need it.

Beautiful to touch. Tough as old boots.
When the fingers first touch the sensuous anodised aluminium case housing the multi-layered PCB board, it’s easier to imagine Studio NDI on display within the Louvre in Paris than on a live video production set, but that is where the deception of the senses first takes place. The perfectly finished casing is actually aircraft grade aluminium and designed to withstand the rigours of life on the road.

Camera Mount. Or mount it your way.
A ¼-20” thread top and bottom allows for easy mounting on magic arms and other traditional camera mounting gear whilst the 7mm diameter through holes can be used for mounting on cheese plates. The optional camera mount adds a ¼-20 thread to the bottom for an elegant method of mounting in a hot or cold shoe with a ballhead.

Free Comms Lite. Upgrade to Comms Pro.
A200 includes free Audio Intercom software, Comms Lite. Comms Lite supports four BirdDog devices and one Director. For more information on Comms Lite and how to get your free copy click here.

Distribute NDI® content everywhere. Just add Central.
BirdDog Central is a software platform set to redefine the way we think about driving content to TV screens. By teaming up Central with any NDI® source, including all BirdDog hardware capable of creating NDI® sources, you can now drive your NDI® streams to any BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini to decode NDI® back to SDI or HDMI.

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Preis EUR 702,00
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